Hand Crafted

STONE AGE CLASSIC is Stone Age and Old Master inspired. This combines with the classic contemporary to bring you everything handmade and handstitched. Out with the disposable and in with timeless, heirloom creations and art.

Hand made, functional items have been with us from time memorial, since the Stone Ages. This ranges from clothing to household items and bring a sense of comfort


One of a kind products

STONE AGE CLASSIC was founded by Jan and Christel van Wyk in 2019, inspired by a passion for quality to produce unique, heirloom creature comforts and aesthetic beauty. Jan and Christel personify creativity and bring a world of inspiration to the senses through a range of products using only the best materials nature has to offer.



Variety from our Store

The clothing range focuses on all season wraps, as well as uniquely styled dresses and jackets, whilst offering realistic sizes.

  • The Jenny wrap spells wintry warmth
  • Accessories are wearable and functional and include handbags, belts and purses
  • For babies, the creations are practical and unique
  • The Old Masters were not rushed for time. Paintings and sculptures capture moments on time. Thought provoking works inspire reflection and an appreciation for the timeless